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Past Eight Full Issues of JGBAT:

Fall 2022 – Volume 18 Number 2
Spring 2022 – Volume 18 Number 1
Fall 2021 – Volume 17 Number 2
Spring 2021 – Volume 17 Number 1
Fall 2020 – Volume 16 Number 2
Spring 2020 – Volume 16 Number 1
Fall 2019 – Volume 15 Number 2
Spring 2019 – Volume 15 Number 1

As an interdisciplinary refereed journal, the purpose of the Journal of Global Business and Technology (JGBAT) is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge related to the theory and practice of international business and technology management. Its primary goal is to present scholarly and managerially relevant articles on a wide variety of topics in international business and technology management to a broad audience in academia (educators, administrators, students), industry (business executives, consultants), as well as those involved in formulating and implementing public policy. The unique contribution of the journal is managerial policy and region-specific research. Articles should be timely and relevant. Authors are required to provide guidelines, techniques, and suggestions for problem solving in international business and technology management. Case studies relating to specific organizations, products/services, and industries are also welcome.

It is a prime objective of JGBAT to bridge the gap between theory and practice. To this end, articles should offer strong managerial insights to help in the development of action-oriented business programs and strategies.

Refereeing Procedure

Each manuscript is blind reviewed by at least 2 subject specialists selected for their expert knowledge as well as the Editor-in-Chief. The authors of each manuscript are provided with each reviewer’s completed Review Form which includes qualitative comments and suggestions.

Revised manuscripts are reviewed by the original referees. Revised manuscripts include a detailed set of notes to each reviewer.

The refereeing process takes about 6-8 weeks from date of receipt of the article to communication of initial decision to the author.

The Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to refuse any manuscripts, whether an invitation or otherwise, and to make suggestions and/or modifications before publication.

The Editor-in-Chief is always happy to discuss contributions before submission.

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

The publication of an article in a peer-reviewed journal is an essential building block in the development of a coherent and respected network of knowledge. It is a direct reflection of the quality of the work of the authors and the institutions that support them. Peer-reviewed articles support and embody the scientific method. It is therefore important to agree upon standards of expected ethical behavior for all parties involved in the act of publishing: the author, the journal editor, the peer reviewer, the publisher and the society. The Editorial Board of the Journal of Global Business and Technology (JGBAT) fully takes into account in its work the rules of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), announced on https://publicationethics.org/core-practices

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

Fee Structure and Publication Model

For each accepted JGBAT Paper, there is an Article Processing Charge (APC) of $250 USD. JGBAT is fully open access (OA).


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