Global Business and Technology Association (GBATA) was formed by Dr. N. Delener in 1998.  The objectives of the Association are to:

  1. Promote research pertaining to both business and technology issues that today’s  global marketplace faces;
  2. Improve communication and exchange of information concerning these very issues among interested college and university faculty members; and
  3. Facilitate association of all persons directly or indirectly concerned with these issues.

One of the unique aspects of the association is that its annual conferences continue to be sponsored by forward-thinking universities and institutions, from all around the globe. This allows us to promote and publish both multidisciplinary as well as discipline-specific research.

The association draws on the strengths of:

  • 32 member board of distinguished scholars and executives;
  • 3,500+ members from over 40 countries and
  • 400 diverse participants that attend GBATA conference every year

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