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Journal of Global Business and Technology


As an interdisciplinary journal, the purpose of the Journal of Global Business and Technology (JGBAT) is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge related to the theory and practice of international business and technology.

Its primary goal is to present scholarly and managerially relevant articles on a wide variety of topics in international business and technology to a broad audience in academia (educators, administrators, students), industry (business executives, consultants), as well as those involved in formulating and implementing public policy.

Articles should be timely, providing guidelines, techniques, and suggestions for problem solving in international business. Case studies relating to specific organizations, products/services, and industries are also welcome.

It is a prime objective of JGBAT to bridge the gap between theory and practice. To this end, articles should offer strong managerial insights to help in the development of action-oriented business programs and strategies.

Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors and Reviewers

The Editors and all peer reviewers of the Journal of Global Business and Technology adhere to the code of conduct and best practice guidelines stated by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) during the peer review process in research publication.


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